(Pashto پښتو)  (Dari درى)

More and more Afghans are entering the US as asylum seekers at the southern border with Mexico.  Those Afghans who enter the US in this way are not given parole status and are given a date to appear at Immigration Court to make a case for asylum.

IILA is receiving an increasing number of inquiries about helping these Afghans, so it is important to clarify how IILA is able to assist:

1 ) Legal Assistance:  For the time being, IILA’s Immigration Legal Services Department is not able to accept these Adult Removal Defense cases.  Once we are able to accept new cases, we will provide an update on this page.  For now, please seek out other nonprofit legal service providers for help.  A list of providers is available here: https://www.iilosangeles.org/legal-services-providers/

If an Afghan in this situation is unable to find legal assistance before they have to appear in Immigration Court, there is no reason to panic.  They can ask the judge for a continuance to find legal representation.  The judge will give them another date to appear in Immigration Court.  It is absolutely essential that one always appear when scheduled for Immigration Court, otherwise there is a risk of deportation.

2) Other Assistance:  Non-paroled Afghans are NOT eligible for financial or case management assistance through IILA’s USCRI funded programs or through the IILA AIRS or RFS programs.  Non-paroled Afghans who are seeking non-legal assistance should email Director of Refugee Services, Hasmik Ktoian, at [email protected].  She will make an assessment whether IILA can provide any assistance. Housing will not be provided by our agency.