Asylum is a form of legal protection for people who are physically present in the United States, who suffered and/or fear future persecution in their home country

International Institute of Los Angeles – Afghan Legal Representation Project (ALRP)
IILA clients who wish to receive services through IILA’s ALRP will need to return signed copies of the following forms, as well as a completed I-589 in Dari or Pashto or English (to the best of their ability) by May 27, 2022:

The I-589 should be initially completed in Dari or Pashto in the majority of cases so that the members of the family can review what was submitted before the Asylum Interview.  Consistency between what is written on I-589 and what is said in the Asylum Interview is critical.

IILA clients who need a Dari or Pashto speaking volunteer to assist with completing the forms and the I-589 should let their case manager know so that we can match them with a volunteer.

IILA Asylum Orientation
May 9, 2022

How to Fill Form I-589
(Dari درى)

How to Fill Form I-589
(Pashto پښتو)

National Immigrant Justice Center


HIAS/ABA – Asylum Toolkits

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

Aslyum 101 for Afghans Videos

Pashto پښتو
Dari درى