California Driver’s License Renewal
IILA understands that the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice are working with Department of Motor Vehicles Offices to educate them about Re-Parole Extension Approval notices (USCIS i-797C notices, titled “Notice of Extension of Your Parole and Employment Authorization) so that they are accepted as proof of lawful status even if the EAD card is expired. The i-797C specifically states, “You must present your employer with evidence of identity and employment authorization. Unless your employment authorization is revoked, acceptable documentation includes your (c)(11) EAD, along with this Additional Action Notice.”

If you have received an i-797C notice and you want to renew your CA driver’s license:
▪ Make an appointment with your local DMV office.
▪ Take your EAD card and a copy of your i-797C notice.
▪ Request a renewal of a regular driver’s license (requesting a Real ID renewal is stricter).
▪ If the DMV employee does not accept your i-797C notice as proof of lawful status, ask to speak to a supervisor.If you have not received a Re-Parole extension approval or you have lost or misplaced your original (c)(11) EAD card, you may be worried about being able to renew your California driver’s license. Through California’s “Safe and Responsible Drive Act” (AB60), the State of California has determined that all eligible residents may obtain a California driver’s license regardless of their immigration status. For an AB60 driver’s license, you must still meet all other requirements for a driver’s license such as proof of identification, California residency, and pass both the written and behind the-wheel DMV tests. Once issued, the AB60 driver’s license will appear identical to a regular driver’s license. On the top right corner, it will state: “Federal Limits Apply” and on the back it will state: “Not acceptable for official federal purposes.”

In California, you may use it as a form of identification and to drive freely. However, the AB60 driver’s license should NOT be used as a form of identification when entering federal facilities or when interacting with federal or any other state’s law enforcement. You should also exercise extra caution when using your AB60 driver’s license to drive outside of California.