Refugees can start their own business in the US and get help doing it. IILA’s partners offer professional advice and opportunities to find funding and establish a new business.

Often, refugees decide that they would like to start their own business. After studying the American market, needs, different niches, and the labor market, they up with a business idea, based on their previous experience or on a new idea. However, they are faced with several challenges, including navigating legal and licensing requirements and finding out how to get the capital to rent premises and purchase the necessary equipment.

These potential business owners need business counseling, technical assistance and financial resources to get started. This is what special programs offered by IILA partner organizations – Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE) and International Rescue Committee – LA – can provide. Each of the programs has its own characteristics and requirements, but they both  provide access to financial resources as well comprehensive support to the new business owner.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, contact our partners:

PACE: Vartoohi Andreassian, [email protected],

IRC: IRC’s Mosaic group of business counselors,