Erika Lopez

Erika Lopez moved to the United States late in 2013 and joined IILA as a volunteer early in 2015. Erika holds a Master’s Degree in Management from her home country El Salvador. Her experience as a consultant helped to connect with clients in need of services specifically with the refugee program Central American Minor Program (CAMP). Her role has been changing through the time with IILA, Erika has served with multiple programs dedicated to help families in need. 

Moving to a new country with no knowledge about the system, she learned how to navigate it and started to help her friends, that inspired her to do her best in this business.  

Erika actively worked in 7 IILA programs: Central American Minor Program, Family Strengthening Program, TEAM & CHANGES; LIFE; TSE; System Navigation COVID-19; LAGVP.

Erika LopezI says, that she wants to work in a place where she can make the difference in other people’s life.