October 1, 2021

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What do resettling families need most?

As we prepare for the arrival of hundreds of refugees, we expect that our top priorities for families will be: 

  • Securing affordable, long-term housing 
  • Finding good job opportunities 
  • Legal assistance to help asylum seekers apply for asylum so that they can access federal benefits 
  • Funding to cover basic costs for resettling families 

How can Family Sponsors help?

The best way to make the biggest impact for arriving families is to become a Family Sponsor. Family Sponsors help cover critical resettlement expenses during the first six months after a family’s arrival. These first six months are crucial to helping the family successfully start their new lives, find community, purpose, and a sense of belonging, and ultimately become self-sufficient. 

There are several levels of Family Sponsorship where you can provide support for one month up to six months. Your gifts are tax-deductible and can be made in multiple installments: 

  • Basic Needs Sponsor: $2,000 covers food, hygiene products, household items, and other basic needs. 
  • Technology Sponsor: $4,000 covers internet access, smart phones, and laptops that parents need for job searching and children need for school. 
  • Rental Sponsor: $12,000 helps cover six months of safe and stable housing for a family while the parents are seeking employment. 
  • Transportation Sponsor: $15,000 covers a reliable used car and insurance to help the family get around, go to work, and provide for their children.  
  • Full Resettlement Sponsor: $20,000 fully covers resettlement costs for a family of 4-6 during their first six months in Los Angeles. 

If you are not able to become a sponsor, please know that your gift of any amount will go directly to supporting resettling families. Make a gift today at www.iilosangeles.org/donate 

Can I get to know the family?

IILA can share periodic updates on how the family is doing and other details that the family provides. Due to privacy and safety concerns for some families, there may be confidentiality guidelines in place. Depending on the family’s circumstance, we may be able to share photo/video updates or arrange for a meeting with the Sponsor(s). 

Who can be a Family Sponsor?

Anyone! Whether you are an individual, family, small or large business, faith group, social association, sports league, or a group of friends, you can make a huge difference in welcoming our Afghan allies. Your group or community can come together to pool resources to sponsor a family together. 

How do I get started?

Talk to your group to determine what level of sponsorship you are interested in. For more information or if you’re ready to become a Family Sponsor, please contact Community Relations Manager Marisa Moonilal at [email protected].  

An Afghan family arrives at Dulles International Airport Virginia on August 25, 2021. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images