Thursday, September 23, 2021

Staff Spotlight is a series that highlights and celebrates the dedicated staff of International Institute of Los Angeles.

As the Kitchen Coordinator with IILA’s Nutrition Division, Robert “Bob” Miller assists Division Director Dianna Wong with supervising staff and overseeing kitchen and delivery logistics, food preparation, and inventory for the Vended Meals program, which provides freshly-cooked meals from our on-site commercial kitchen to IILA’s own preschools and other child care centers across Los Angeles. Nutrition staff begin work at 4:30am to prepare the day’s meals and deliver them directly to our clients.

Bob has been with IILA for 7 years and will be retiring next month. Prior to IILA, Bob had a background in computers and tech support, as well as some food industry experience. Bob says that receiving this opportunity to work with IILA has been a godsend, that the company as a whole has been so good to him, and everyone he has worked with has been great. Bob has usually had one of the largest delivery routes, taking him to sites all over south and west LA.  After many years of delivering meals to schools around LA, he has built meaningful relationships with our community members by being a reliable representative of IILA.

Anything thing you would like to share about your time with IILA or your Division’s work?

The parents have been so grateful and the teachers have been really appreciative, too. There are teachers who have told me that they’re bummed that I’m leaving. They knew that they could rely on me. I’ve also run into parents who have thanked me for delivering food for their kids.

I’m really going to miss everybody I work with. The closer that date comes, the more emotional it’s going to get. Missing the people, that’s going to be the biggest problem for me. Everyone I work with is easy to get along with. We all have our different backgrounds, everyone’s from somewhere different, but we work as one team. One way or another, the job gets done when everyone pulls together.

When I entered this company, people saw something in me and they took a chance on me. I work hard and I don’t stop. I want to thank everyone for the opportunities. Everyone will be really missed.

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