Shahrokh Samadi

Shahrokh Samadi moved from Iran to India to continue his education in 1978. He received bachelor’s degree in 1983 in India. Shahrokh was in the Second year of M.B.A when he got a chance to move to the USA as a refugee in 1984 and was resettled in Portland Manie. In 1985 started working with the Catholic Charities of Portland Maine/Refugee Département as a Case Manager. In 1988 moved to LA and started working for the Catholic Charities of Los Angeles as a Case Manager/ Employment Development supervisor/Program Manager. At the time he was responsible for Five resettlement locations such as LA, Glendale, Long Beach, San Gaberiel Valley and Santa Barbara. Shahrokh was Interim Program Director from 2012-2014 and also served as a Chair Member for the Los Angeles Refugee Forum of LA.

Coming as a refugee to the USA and getting support from unknown faithful Volunteers as well as going through lots of challenges in a new country with new cultures, he decided to help those refugees like him and found himself very passionate in helping and supporting those in needs, that how he dedicated all his time and faith in working for places that they have a vision in supporting and making a change in a life of others.