Working parents don’t always have access to quality and reliable child care due to the high cost, limited availability, and inconvenient hours of some child care centers. The Child Development Division (CDD) of the International Institute of Los Angeles (IILA) offers subsidized programs to working parents so that they can find child care arrangements that work for them, as well as our own child care centers. Keep reading to learn how we can help!

The Importance of Accessible Child Care

Access to quality and reliable child care can help parents work without worrying about their children. They can go about their jobs knowing that their children are in safe hands.

Quality child care also has numerous benefits for young, developing children. Your children enjoy a safe, nurturing environment where they can learn and grow as individuals. They also get to learn foundational emotional, social, and communication skills needed to succeed in life, school, and adulthood.

The biggest benefit is that your children will find joy in companionship by interacting with other children their age. They develop an awareness of their environment and learn to engage with it in a comfortable yet challenging way. Child care centers gently guide and encourage your children to form long-lasting bonds that can benefit the entire community.

Overall, child care centers provide your children with the space they need to explore, learn, and grow.

How Can the International Institute of Los Angeles Help?

Child care Subsidy & Education Network

We provide two voucher-based programs to reimburse child care costs for low-income families with children up to 13. If you’re unsure about the type of child care to opt for, you can talk to us. We’ll help you pick one that aligns with your child’s needs and child care goals. Services you may qualify for include:

  • Licensed Child Care Centers, including IILA’s 9 centers
  • Licensed Family Child Care Homes
  • Family, Friend, Neighbor Care

At IILA, we understand that finding quality child care services can be challenging, especially for children whose parents work non-traditional jobs with irregular hours. For such parents, we offer free or subsidized services in quality child care homes. The IILA also partners with providers in the Family Child Care Home Education Network (FCCHEN), an educational enrichment program for children between three and thirteen.

IILA Preschool Programs

We offer part-day and full-day preschool programs that provide quality child care and education to your children. Children between two to five years are eligible for free or low-cost education at our preschools.

Our team strives to prepare your children for success by giving them various opportunities to explore their learning materials, peers, and the world around them. Our programs follow the HighScope Curriculum that promotes active learning and positive interactions with adults and peers. We seek to build a foundation for learning, where young children gain knowledge through natural play and interactions with the events and environments around them.

Child Nutrition

IILA has on-site, state-of-the-art commercial kitchens that prepare and deliver freshly-cooked breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to our preschools and child care centers throughout L.A. We strongly believe that every child requires proper nutrition to learn, play, and succeed in their lives.

To teach children healthy eating habits, we serve our meals family-style and try to make mealtime fun and social. Shaping your children’s eating practices can help them achieve several developmental milestones. 

The International Institute of Los Angeles strives to make child care more accessible and affordable for working parents. Apply for child care assistance today! We also offer child care resources for parents and guardians, which you can find here. For more information, call us at 323-224-3800 or contact us online.